Chanting for the purpose of spiritual communion is an ancient divine art, which utilizes the power of sound vibration to recharge the body and mind with fresh reserves of prana (life energy). This web page contains recordings of chants in a style called “Kirtan”, in which a devotional thought is chanted along with repeated musical accompaniment. With each repetition of the words, the intensity gradually builds until the mind is completely absorbed in the feeling and meaning of the chant. You may wish to chant along, or simply listen and enjoy the vibrations of the music in whatever way appeals to you. In India, chanting in this way is recognized as a form of “Bhakti Yoga” meaning “yoga of devotion”. There is a rich history of saints and spiritual adepts using music in this way to unlock the ecstatic joy of Spirit. Most of the chants here are published in the book “Cosmic Chants” by Paramahansa Yogananda, and a few are traditional Indian bhajans (devotional songs to God). These videos are offered expressly for the purpose of sharing the joy I’ve experienced in practicing devotional chanting, which blends my love of music with my practice of yoga meditation. These renditions endeavor to combine eastern and western instruments to create new music textures while preserving the fundamental principles of chanting for the goal of spiritual upliftment and interiorization of consciousness.