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Press Excerpts

  • “… Jones delivers, letting his drumsticks fly and crash against the drumhead, his brown ponytail bouncing to the beat. Over the next few minutes, he weaves together a string of rhythms with his sticks, moving easily from a swing jazz beat to hip-hop to bossa nova and back again.” – Christina Holder, Duke Magazine, Winter 2015
  • “Jeremy is shredding his drum kit like a samurai, using weapons that range from shakers to bells to mallets to the butte end of his own drumsticks. I have never seen a man play jazz drums with more intensity.” – Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, March 2007
  • “The five songs are a vibrant feast of sound: the melodies are fresh and radiant, and provide a springboard for the group’s open and shifting improvisations. By seamlessly expanding the borders of jazz and welcoming different families of sound, groups like The Teaching help point the way forward. And when such talent is combined with a strong spiritual imperative, the results are bound to be compelling; surely Coltrane would approve.” – Florence Wetzel, All About Jazz, Jan 25th 2012, Reviewing The Teaching’s Live at Dazzle
  • “When it’s over all you want to do is hit replay.” – Colorado Music Buzz Magazine, July 2007. Reviewing Serafin Sanchez Jeremy Jones Quintet Album Live at Dazzle

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